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  • Chigwell Rise cycle route (CAP App. I.6)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity in this area and a route between the GGSK College and Chigwell Tube Station.
    * Provide an off-road segregated footway / cycleway (if possible) alongside the eastbound carriageway of the B170 – this may require improvement to the parapet height over the M11.
    * The off-road route could continue to the start of the existing housing at Chester Road, with an on-road cycle lane route
    from here along the eastbound carriageway to Lee Grove.
    * The scheme could then cross Chigwell Rise at the Spanbrook existing crossing point, and then comprise an on-road cycle route along Brook Way and Brook Mews, avoiding Chigwell High Road.
    * Access to Chigwell Tube Station could be via a segregated footway outside the car dealership to either the existing zebra crossing or an upgraded toucan crossing.
    * Provision of a new unlit 3m wide shared cycle/footway through the Nature Reserve, crossing the River Roding via the existing infrastructure already in situ. Requires signage, path surface works, and barrier removal.
    Medium Term
    £600,000 (Assumes all widening within highway boundary and no stats diversions)

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  • London Assembly investigation: Walking & Cycling at Outer London Junctions

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    London Assembly says:

    Our investigation
    What different approaches could TfL and London boroughs take to improve junctions and increase walking and cycling in Outer London?

    Small pockets of improvement don’t change the fact that most London streets are dominated by traffic and noise. They are hostile places even to step out into for a pint of milk.

    On behalf of the London Assembly Transport Committee, Caroline Russell AM is investigating how our streets and junctions can become more people-friendly.

    Get involved
    There are a number of specific questions the Committee is seeking to answer. Please address any questions where you have relevant views and information to share, and feel free to cover any other issues you would like the Committee to consider.

    Are there lessons to be learned from previous junction improvements?

    How can we enable more people to walk and cycle?

    How can we make our streets and junctions less hostile to people getting around by bike and on foot?

    How do you get all road users on board?

    Please email by August 11 and share the investigation on Twitter using #OuterLondonJunctions

    Key Facts
    The Mayor and TfL are promoting walking and cycling as a form of active travel and a way to reduce health inequalities - however, currently, over 40 percent of Londoners fall short of the recommended 150 minutes of activity per week.

    TfL research has found that people who live in Outer London tend to walk less than those who live in Inner London. Public transport coverage is lower and car ownership is higher in Outer London, with cars making up a larger share of journeys. In particular, people who live in Outer London are less likely to walk children to school, walk to see friends or relatives, and walk to pubs, restaurants and cinemas.

    In 2015:
    53 percent of Inner Londoners walked at least five journeys a week, compared to 35 percent of Outer Londoners
    47 percent of Inner Londoners walked as part of longer journeys on other forms of transport at least five times a week, compared to 41 percent of Outer Londoners

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