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  • Roding Valley Way cycle route extension (CAP App. I.2.2)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Provide cycling infrastructure from Buckhurst Hill Tube Station and improve connectivity to the Roding Valley Way route at Cherry Tree Rise (Roding Valley Tube Station) in LB Redbridge.
    * Existing/planned Roding Valley Way infrastructure to the south of the District in LB Redbridge should be linked up with cycling route options in Essex / Epping Forest District.
    * Provide on-road cycling route in both directions and consider parking restrictions / TRO to formalise car parking on the footway, and remove central hatching/wide centrelines along Buckhurst Way to enable road space to be better utilised and allow cycle lanes to be created up to Elm Close.
    * Unsegregated shared-use footway / cycleway alongside the northbound Buckhurst Way north of Elm Close to just south of the bridge over the Central Line Tube.
    * Alternatively a quieter parallel on-road route could be created along Chestnut Avenue, Oak Rise and a footpath conversion leading to Cascade Road and Lower Queen’s Road.

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