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  • Roding Valley Station to W/bridge & West Hatch School (CAP App. I.2.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    The current on-road route to cycle between Roding Valley Tube Station, Buckhurst Hill and West Hatch High School is 2.3 miles in length, an off-road could be safer and approx. 1 mile shorter.
    Partly 3m wide unlit off-road and part on- road approx. 1.3 mile long cycle route along existing bridleway, from Hornbeam Road under the Central Line and over the River Roding and M11, along Luxborough Lane to West Hatch School.
    * Scheme could continue south-west along the A113 Chigwell High Road to the LB Redbridge border.
    * West of Roding Valley Tube Station along Station Way and Farm Way, a part off-road (to Forest Edge) and part on-road route
    could provide a link to North Woodford.
    * Indicative Cost does not include stats diversions and new bridge over River
    Medium Term

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  • Progressing the LCC 2014 election campaign 'asks'

    Created by George Coulouris // 7 threads

    This issue is intended to act a repository for material that can be used to back-up the LCC's 2014 Local Election Campaign 'Asks'. There are 6 'asks' that were finalised and agreed at the LCC's AGM on 19 October 2013:

    1. Safe routes to schools
    2. Areas without through motor traffic (AWTTs)
    3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
    4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals (Greenways)
    5. 20mph speed limits
    6. Liveable town centres

    so we'll have 6 threads under this Cyclescape issue where we can collect explanations, discussions and most importantly concrete illustrations of what is meant by each ask.

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