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  • Romford 20mph zone

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Havering council said:
    "We wrote to you on 21st October setting out a series of safety proposals for Romford town
    centre comprising of a 20mph zone for all streets within the Romford Ring Road (including
    some traffic calming measures) and some changes to road markings on various
    roundabouts on the Ring Road itself.
    We sent out over 2,500 letters to people in the area, but only received 8 responses with 4
    of these being from residents. This was reported to the Council’s Highways Advisory
    Committee on 6th December where the decision on the scheme was deferred in order for
    further discussions to take place with ward councillors.
    As a result of these discussions, it has been decided to provide a further period of
    consultation and any other comments received shall be reported to the Highways Advisory
    Committee on 7th February 2017.
    We would therefore like to extend the opportunity for you to provide any comments you
    may have to the postal address above, via our email address
    or through an online form which we have provided at"

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  • Progressing the LCC 2014 election campaign 'asks'

    Created by George Coulouris // 7 threads

    This issue is intended to act a repository for material that can be used to back-up the LCC's 2014 Local Election Campaign 'Asks'. There are 6 'asks' that were finalised and agreed at the LCC's AGM on 19 October 2013:

    1. Safe routes to schools
    2. Areas without through motor traffic (AWTTs)
    3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
    4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals (Greenways)
    5. 20mph speed limits
    6. Liveable town centres

    so we'll have 6 threads under this Cyclescape issue where we can collect explanations, discussions and most importantly concrete illustrations of what is meant by each ask.

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