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  • Chigwell Lane / Loughton Broadway (Debden)

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    Work is nearly complete on the new road layout near Debden station. This was paid for as part of the construction of the new "Epping Forest Shopping Park" off Langston Road.

    It has no cycling facilities at all. The road layout may be a little safer, as the busy mini-roundabout is being replaced with traffic lights. But the short sections of shared-use footway on Chigwell Lane / Rectory Lane have not been joined up. And the road is much wider - multiple lanes in each direction, which at off-peak will encourage fast driving, and the rest of the time will be deeply unpleasant to cycle in.

    Cycling to the new retail park needs to be encouraged, and safe routes from both Loughton and Chigwell should be connect along this key corridor.

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