Buckhurst Hill (from Loughton)

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Added by George Lund

Approaching Buckhurst Hill along the High Road A121 from Loughton is a significant hill. Being on a fast (40 mph) road, this is a major barrier to potential cyclists - the speed differential is approximately 40mph and close passes are not uncommon. Recent accidents have led to the painting of "cycle" signs on the main carriageway: this is a useful reminder for motorists regarding cyclists descending the hill, but is of little benefit for cyclists trying to go uphill.

My suggestion is that the footway on the SE side of the road could quite easily be converted to Shared Use, and cyclists heading SW would be encouraged to use this. There is in fact plenty of width available to provide a wider footway, and narrowing the carriageway would help to keep general traffic to the 40mph speed limit.

Through Buckhurst Hill itself there's room for on-carriageway cycle lanes in both directions, if the centre hatchings are removed. Existing pedestrian crossing points could be converted to zebra crossings in order to allow cycle lanes to continue uninterrupted.


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