Colebrook Lane (CAP 11.3-C)

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Added by George Lund

A route from Colebrook Path to Willingale Road via Hereward Primary School. The purpose would be safe routes to schools, and to the playpark on the green; the route would link houses on Colbrook Lane with the rest of the proposed network.

This road is quite steep, has many parked cars, and motor traffic frequently travels in excess of 30mph.

From Colebrook Path (see discussion of an alternative route for CAP 11.3) the footway alongside Colebrook Lane would be significantly widened, to become shared use (preferably segregated). Parking on the west side of the road would be formalised (providing a barrier from fast-moving vehicles for cyclists going uphill) but parking on the Jessel Green side would be likely need to be prohibited.

There should be a large speed table and recommended 10mph speed limit opposite the playpark on Jessel Green.

Cyclists travelling southbound could use this speed table to access the shared-use path if desired.

At the junction with Castell Road / Jessel Drive, the shared-use path would cross the road, perhaps via informal crossings over speed tables.

Colebrook Lane between Willingale Road and Jessel Drive would be significantly narrowed, and become one-way southbound (i.e. complementing the existing one-way system along Castell Road). This makes room for a cycle track on the eastern side allowing two-way access for cyclists to the school and up to Willingale Road.

The one way system and road narrowing would discourage school drop-offs by car, and provide much-needed extra space for pedestrians outside the school frontage.


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