Grosvenor Drive to Hereward School (CAP 11.3-B)

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Added by George Lund

This route would connect Grosvenor Drive to Hereward Primary School, a journey which is currently not possible for cyclists except via Willingale Road, which far too heavily trafficked to be easily accessible to primary school children.

From Grosvenor Drive, a link cycle track (or shared use path) along Grosvenor Path connecting to Chester Road.

Going north along the western side of Chester Road, a shared use (but preferably segregated) footway brings cyclists to opposite the private parking area at the back of Hereward Green. There is a significant pavement parking problem along Chester Road that would have to be mitigated with bollards, however the effect of doing this on the speed of traffic along Chester Road would be beneficial.

A parallel zebra/cycle crossing takes cyclists across the road and into the Hereward Green estate, presumably by arrangement with the landowner although there is probably already a right of way here for pedestrians that could be extended.

The route continues on-road through Hereward Green to opposite the primary school on Colebrook Lane, and connects with CAP 11.3-C.


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