North Loughton to Loughton Town Centre (Church Hill)

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Added by George Lund

The CAP currently lacks any good connection for cyclists between North Loughton / Debden, and Loughton Town Centre.

I think there is the potential for improvements on Church Hill (for example, Hybrid Cycle Tracks on the uphill section in each direction) that could fill this gap.

Other routes (e.g. Stony Path / Baldwin’s Hill / York Hill, or Wellfields / Traps Hill) are simply too steep in comparison to Church Hill (or too indirect) to be of value for utility cycling such as to/from shops.

A major feature of this scheme would need to be adjustment of the corner geometry at the Church Lane junction, which currently encourages excess speed (pedestrians find it unnecessarily hard to cross Church Lane, and I've frequently seen cyclists travelling southbound cut up by left-turning cars).


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