Sewardstone Road (CAP 3.2)

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Added by George Lund

Improvements to the existing footway between Sewardstone and Scheme 3.1 (above) to improve cyclist access from the south of Waltham Abbey to the town centre. Scheme would link in with 2 of the 3 options for Scheme 3.3 .

* Provide an off-road unsegregated shared-use route for pedestrians and cyclists, from Sewardstone to Waltham Abbey Cemetery, replacing the existing footway.
* Give consideration to an on-road cycle lane from here to The Market Square Surgery/Health Centre.
* Potential for controlled crossing at the start of the cemetery fencing.
* Provision of on-road cycle lanes in both directions from here to The Market Square Surgery/Health Centre, by removing central hatching/wide centrelines and reallocating roadspace.


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